The official conference venue is Mövenpick Hotel Karachi , Sindh Pakistan.

Jamshoro City

Fort of Ranikot
It is the largest fort of its kind in the region and in the world. It is situated in the Kirthar Range about 30 km southwest of Sann, Jamshoro district of Sindh, approximately 90 km north of Hyderabad, in Pakistan. It has an approximate diameter of 9 km and also known as great wall of Sindh. Its walls are on the average 6 meters high and are made of gypsum and lime cut sandstone and its total circumference is about 29 km of which 8 km walls are man-made. While originally constructed for bow and arrow warfare it was later expanded to withstand firearms.

Kotri Barrage
Kotri Barrage was built in 1932 and is about 1.6 kilometers long, it is also known as the Ghulam Muhammad Barrage, was opened in 1955. The channels deriving from it serve a cultivable area of about five million acres of ground generating both foodstuff and crops. It is near Hyderabad in the Sindh Province of Pakistan, and is approximately 3,000 feet (900 meters) long. It provides supplementary supplies for Karachi city.Bhit Shah An emblem of spiritual energy, beautiful architecture and Sufi culture could be clearly witnessed at the shrine of great Sufi poet “Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai”. The best time to visit the shrine of the famous mystic Sufi and poet “Bhittai” is during his Urs which is held during the Islamic month of Saffar. The shrine is overflowing with followers during the Urs so much that there would be hardly any space to do something.

Hyderabad’s famous local specialties, including haji rabri, lamb sajji, and grilled pallo fish. Apart from this, you should not miss Hyderabad’s renowned thadal drink which is a delicious energy booster in the hot and humid weather.

La Moosh Café and Restaurant

A restaurant located in the heart of the city, successfully maintained by an entrepreneur has a good mix of desi and international food. If you want to give your palate a taste of the local and international flavors, then visit restaurants such as, La Moosh, and its other branches which includes “FU- simply Chinese” and “Arabian Lounge”. It serves the best variety in town with American, Asian, barbeque, Chinese, fast food, French, Italian, Mexican Middle East, North Indian, Pakistani, Seafood, Singaporean Also, be sure to go and visit the cinema named as Cine Moosh.

The Bombay Bakery


If you are a shopaholic, than you are at the right place. Visit the Shahi Bazaar, which winds in narrow lanes over several kilometers. It starts at the gate of the Packo Kilo Fort and extends up to the Naval Rai Clock Tower. The famous Resham Ghati is the lateral extension of this bazaar, where you can find famous kundan jewelry, glass bangles, and other accessories. Another extension of the Shahi Bazaar is Chothki Ghiti, where you can buy crockery, electronics, and many other goods. Hyderabad is also famous for specialties such as Ajrak, Sindhi Topi, Garbi and Lungi Cloth, and Jandi furniture, which is most famous for its red color and intricate design.

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. SM Qureshi    
    Former Federal Secretary (S&T)   

  • Prof. Dr. Anwar-ul-Hassan Gilani
    Chairman PCST   

  • Prof. Dr. Maria Nedeva
    Manchester Buisness School    
    United Kingdom

  • Dr. Marina Ranga
    Senior Researcher, H-STAR Institute, Stanford University

  • Prof. Zamri Mohamed
    Universiti of Teknologi

  • Dato' Dr. Samsudin Tugiman
    Chairman ISTIC

    President ECO Science Foundation

  • Dr. Youngah Park
    Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning

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